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Pool Resurfacing

In 2008, the emergence of ecoFINISH™️ and their AquaBRIGHT™️ Thermoplastic swimming pool finishes have changed the entire pool industry. It includes a pioneering thermal spray system, that also also capable of using modified acrylic resins.

Tiny plastic beads liquify as they pass through the gun nozzle, so when they hit the pool’s structure they solidify and become chemically bonded with the surface.

EcoFINISH™️ thermoplastic finishes are applied pneumatically, so air and propane are all that’s required. It makes set-up and clean-up easy.

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Other Pool Repair Services

The Pool Man offers a flat rate leak detection service that’ll save you money and time diagnosing your pool leak. How so? The Pool Man uses high-tech audio equipment to quickly pinpoint the problem area. means you’re jumping back in your pool a lot quicker.
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Our experienced repair technicians can repair, replace, or install any piece of equipment associated with your pool.

      • Pumps
      • Motors
      • Filters
      • Salt Systems
      • Heaters
      • Lights
      • Timers
      • Automation systems. 
      • Railings & Ladders

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Has a major storm passed over your pool? Has plant debris and critters trashed your pool?

Good news! The Pool Man can be the first on scene after a major storm We will clean your pool, it’s filters, and check the pump for any damage.

Buying a home with a pool in the Lower Keys? Then call The Pool Man to inspect it.

Our technicians will check all safety hazards, the pool surface for any leaks or cracks, the lights, and it’s equipment.  Our pool inspection services do not include water quality testing and the testing of anything that is already not working properly (i.e. slides)

After we apply a new plaster finish, it will begin absorbing water immediately, with the majority of the plaster hydration occurring within the first 28 days. These first 28 days are critical because your pool’s finish is most susceptible to staining, scaling and discoloration then. Therefore, proper care includes regular brushing to remove plaster dust and constant monitoring/adjusting of the pool’s water chemistry.

During the curing process the pool will be closed to swimming, wheeled vacuums/cleaners cannot be used, the pool heater should not be turned on, and salt should not be added to the water. The process will be performed by a Certified Pool & Spa Operator ® every weekday (Monday-Friday) for 4-weeks/20 business days

Cleaning your pool filter doesn’t just mean pulling out a strainer and spraying it down with a hose. Extra cleaning is typically required. Not only that, but every filter must be replaced regularly to ensure the longest life possible for your pool pump.
Have you ever floated in a pool and noticed a white murky ring around the waterline? Even worse is when it looks unusually green or black. To combat this unsightly issue, we acid-wash your pool. More than just a surface clean, though, an acid wash actually strips a thin layer of plaster off the surface of the pool. Along with the plaster layer, stains and dirt are removed, exposing a fresh, clean layer of plaster underneath.

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