You Dont Have to Replace Your Pool: Heres Your Other Option

You Dont Have to Replace Your Pool: Heres Your Other Option

It’s summer time again and the kids love to swim, but lately they’ve been complaining that there’s a chalky residue on the side of the pool… And over in a corner the fiberglass is coming undone. It’s pretty scratchy over there. In all honestly, the whole pool is kind of a mess. Should you wait to replace your pool? It’s not a major problem, but it’ll be one soon. So what to do? 

The good new is that we have great solutions for pretty much every pool problem. If you are wondering whether you should replace your pool, talk to us first.

Resurface or Replace: What’s the Best Option?

With age, all pool surfaces naturally break down. Most pool paint and plaster treatments cannot stand up to the wear and tear and must be redone on a consistent basis. These repairs can be a costly expense, and pool down-time can last weeks or months.

Paints are subject to defects such as blistering, chipping, peeling and fading that could show up in as little as six months after application. As a result, our industry was forced to switch to plaster (masonry) finishes. But, while plaster is beautiful, it has its own issues.

Plaster surfaces are prone to staining, popping off (large chunks falling off), and shrinking and cracking that require at least two weeks of ‘cure time’ to properly set up. That means more pool down time.

Over the years, we have tried many different ways to deal with failed pool finishes. Finally, along came ecoFNISH™️ and their complete line of thermoplastic pool finishes. We specialize in this very innovative technology, specifically adapted from the powder coating industry.

You don’t have to replace your pool, you can resurface it.

leak detection for pool resurfacing EcoFINISH™️
Here is one of the Pool Man’s crew checking a fiberglass pool for a leak. Did this pool end up being resurfaced with ecoFINISH™️?

About EcoFINISH™️ and AquaBRIGHT™️

IN 2008, the emergence of ecoFINISH™️ and their AquaBRIGHT™️ Thermoplastic swimming pool finishes have changed the entire pool industry. It includes a pioneering thermal spray system, that also incorporates the use of modified acrylic resins. 

Tiny plastic beads liquify as they pass through the gun nozzle, so when they hit the substrate they solidify and become chemically bonded with the surface.

EcoFINISH™️ thermoplastic finishes are applied pneumatically, so air and propane are all that’s required. It makes set-up and clean-up easy. Plus, the system is completely mobile and designed to be operated by a two-person team.

Yes! This pool was the perfect candidate for ecoFINISH™️ pool resurfacing.

Thermoplastic Coating Characteristics 

  • Good cavitation and erosion resistance
  • Outstanding flexibility between freezing and 176 degrees fahrenheit 
  • Very high elastic memory 
  • Excellent mechanical properties with sound chemical resistance 
  • Zero Moisture absorption and salt spray resistance 
  • Tough and adherent coatings 
  • High UV stability promotes better outdoor weathering properties 
  • High-impact wear and abrasion resistance 

Thermoplastic Coatings cure instantly, which means pool down-time is significantly reduced. Your pool can be refilled as soon as the final coat is applied. A typical swimming pools can be completed in less than one week. 

Benefits of Thermoplastic Finishes 

Foremost, thermoplastic finishes are VOC free (no volatile organic compounds) and contain zero solvent. They typically have a high-impact abrasion resistance and will withstand extremes of weather. 

But, other benefits include:

  • Smooth to the touch 
  • Very high Elastic Memory
  • Non Porous 
  • Ph Neutral – Lowers Chemical Needs 
  • No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOV’S) 
  • No Heavy Metals 
  • Eco-Friendly – Energy Efficient in both Manufacturing and Processing

Thermoplastic Coatings is Versatile

The options and range of uses for thermoplastic pool finishes are numerous. For example, thermoplastic coatings can be applied to new-build cured concrete surfaces as well as fiberglass pools and spas. You can also coat steel panel pools constructed to accept vinyl liners, and ditch the expensive replacement vinyl liner. Not only that, you can add custom colors with a thermoplastic finish.

Moreover, EcoFINISH™️ finishes are designed for concrete, plaster, steel, aluminum, fiberglass and/or hybrid pools and spas with a variety of previous finish materials. In other words, it works well for any surface that has been shaped to hold water for people to have fun in.

They are refinished in place, eliminating the cost of removal, replacement and the consequent downtime. 

Overall, Ecofinish™️ high performance pool finishes capture the strength, durability, and maintenance ease of early rubber paint systems. But they also maintain the beauty and architectural color range of aggregate finishes. 

If you are totally a DIYer, we can also offer recommendations as to what kind of product will be the best for your pool needs. Then, watch the link that goes through the whole process. Good luck, and prepare for a lot of sanding!

For crying out loud already!  Don’t replace your pool, or resurface it yourself. Call The Pool Man (305-240-1462). We will solve your pool issues.

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