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Residential Pool Cleaning Service
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We aim to provide the highest-quality residential pool and spa service in the Lower Keys. All of our technicians are CPO® Certified so you can rest easy knowing that your pool is being cleaned by trained professionals. Don’t leave the health and safety of your pool to chance, hire The Pool Man of Key West!

Our customers also receive weekly service reports via email after each visit. These emails detail exactly what was done as well as a photo of your sparkling clean pool. You will never have to worry about whether your pool was actually cleaned or not again.

However, even with weekly pool maintenance, problems can still happen. Whether it is a burned out motor, possible plumbing leak, or worn out seal, The Pool Man of Key West has a dedicated full-time repair technician. In most cases, we can diagnose and repair your pool equipment on the same or next business day.

With the team of experienced professionals at The Pool Man of Key West maintaining your pool you can worry less and spend more time enjoying the Key West lifestyle.

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Does Your Fiberglass Pool Need to be Refinished?

Instead of replacing your entire pool, save money by resurfacing your existing one with a thermo-polymer coating. With an ecoFINISH thermo-polymer coating you can bring life back to you fiberglass pool at a fraction of the price of a new one.

Weekly Service Reports 
Direct to your inbox

After every visit you will receive email letting you know the date and time the pool was serviced; a list of the work that was performed; the chemicals that were added; and a photo of your pool and/or spa. That’s one less thing you will have to worry about.

Weekly Residential Pool Service Checklist

Test & Balance Water

Empty Pump & Skimmer Baskets

Net surface debris

Brush waterline tiles and walls

Vacuum the pool

Clean or backwash filter as needed

1Test & Balance Water
Testing and balancing your pool’s water chemistry is the first step to our weekly checklist. Properly balanced water helps prolong the life of your pool’s finish and equipment; makes the water safe and comfortable to swim in; and helps keep your pool’s water sparkly clear. Pool water chemistry is a complex science that is best left to trained professionals. We require every team member at The Pool Man of Key West to obtain their Certified Pool & Spa Operator® (CPO®) Certificate so you can rest easy knowing your pool water chemistry is being professionally balanced.
2Empty Pump & Skimmer Basket
Your pool’s skimmer helps keep your pool clean and free of debris. However, if the skimmer basket gets too full of leaves and other debris, your pump will strain under the pressure. Emptying the skimmer and pump baskets regularly is a key to maintaining proper circulation and preventing your pump from burning out too early.
3Net Surface Debris
As part of our weekly residential pool service we also net the surface of your pool to pick up any debris that your skimmer may not have had a chance to catch yet. Keeping the surface of your pool free of leaves and bugs helps minimize your pool’s chlorine demand and is key to leaving your pool sparkling clean!
4Brush Waterline Tiles & Walls
Inevitably, oil, dirt, and debris will collect at the waterline along the perimeter of your pool. Regularly brushing your pool’s waterline tile helps prevent this buildup and is key to keeping your tile looking great. Regular brushing of your pool’s walls also helps prevent algae growth.
5Vacuum the Pool
Unlike some of our competition, we promise to vacuum your pool every week. We utilize portable Power Vac, Hammerhead, and Riptide vacuums to quickly and efficiently vacuum your pool. Using our own portable vacuums helps keep your filter clean and prolongs its life.
6Clean or Backwash Filter as Needed
Although not usually a weekly task, your pool technician will monitor and maintain your filter as needed. For cartridge filters this means removing and clean the filter element once or twice per month. For sand or DE filters this means backwashing when the filter pressure rises high enough. We recommend that DE filters be opened and cleaned every 6 months and that the filter element inside of your cartridge filters be replaced every 12-18 months. Depending upon your budget and available space, we recommend either cartridge or DE filters.

Once your weekly service has been completed our technician will take a photo of your pool and automatically generate an emailed report of everything that was done during our visit. Checking in on the status of your pool has never been easier.

We Service All of the Lower Keys

The Pool Man of Key West doesn’t just maintain pools in Key West!
We service all types of pools from Sunset Key to Big Pine Key.