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Pools and spas are important features for hotels, vacation rentals, apartment buildings, and condos. Your guests expect a clean, safe, and well-maintained pool when they visit your facility. Don’t leave your guests’ health and your reputation up to chance. The Pool Man service call produces satisfied guests, higher ratings and reviews, as well as reduces your operating costs leading to increased profitability.

With our two full time repair technicians and route supervisor, you can expect reduced downtime and fewer pool closures along with equipment that lasts longer. Our technicians are CPO® Certified and have the training and experience necessary to keep your pool operating in pristine condition and in compliance with Florida Department of Health regulations. 


Health Code Compliance?
We have your back.

Commercial pools must adhere to health codes to ensure the safety of bathers. We take your commercial pool maintenance very seriously. Our team is always up to date on all health codes. We follow a higher standard of commercial pool maintenance protocol so that you experience fewer pool closures and happier guests.

Weekly Commercial Pool Service Checklist

Test & Balance Water

Empty Pump & Skimmer Baskets

Net surface debris

Brush waterline tiles and walls

Vacuum the pool

Clean or backwash filter as needed

1Test & Balance Water
Testing and balancing your pool’s water chemistry is the first step of our weekly checklist. Properly balanced water ensures that your pool will never go green, won’t destroy you or your guest’s hair; and your pool will last years to come.
Pool water chemistry is a science that you should only entrust to a certified pool and spa technician. We require every team member at The Pool Man of Key West to be a Certified Pool & Spa Operator® (CPO®), so you will never have to worry about the quality of care for your commercial pool.
2Empty Pump & Skimmer Basket
Think of your pool’s pump as it’s heart. It circulates the water keeping your pool healthy. To ensure that the commercial pool optimally pumps water, the skimmer and pump basket must be emptied and cleaned regularly. Attentive care to your pool’s pump basket and skimmer could be the difference between buying a new pool pump every 1-2 years versus every 3-5 years.
3Net Surface Debris
Similar to cleaning the pump basket, skimming the water’s surface for leaves and other debris is important to the health of your pool. As Certified Pool & Spa Operators, we understand the importance of quality hotel or home association pool service, and we take pride in our work. With us, you can relax knowing your Florida Keys investment is in good hands.
4Brush Waterline Tiles & Walls
Inevitably, oil, bacteria, and dirt will collect at the waterline along the perimeter of your pool. An unskilled caretaker can overwhelm the pool’s filtration system when cleaning the scumline, or even worse, can completely overlook scrubbing it and ruin your pool’s tile. Our attention to detail and customer satisfaction set us apart from our commercial pool servicing competitors.
5Vacuum the Pool
The easiest task of residential pool care is vacuuming. However, adjusting the filter settings is necessary to properly clean your pool and prevent the pump motor from working too hard. Our seasoned CPO’s are trained to know what setting are best for every type of commercial pool or spa.
6Clean or Backwash Filter as Needed
Our technicians will check your filter every week. When necessary they will backwash your filter. Because your pool technician takes this extra care you will know well in advance when your filter needs to be replaced.

For more information on which types of filters are recommended for your pool size refer to the article here. You can also consult our technicians for advice. We are here to help you get the most our of your pool

Once your pool has been vacuumed and it’s filter has been checked, your commercial pool technician will send you an email updating you on the health of your pool. Owning a pool has never been easier

Once your pool has been vacuumed and it’s filter has been checked, your commercial pool technician will send you an email updating you on the health of your pool. Owning a pool has never been easier.

What our clients say

Ben and his team are top notch pool professionals!! Thank you for your dependability and your expertise keeping our pool clean and beautiful. Phil is a great representative of the company who takes care of our pool every Wednesday!
Susan MitchellKey West Home Owner
Pool Man of Key West has been taking care of my home pool for 15 years. My tech now is Will. Every Wednesday, rain or shine, hot or cool, Will takes best care for cleaning and chemicals. Plus a decent guy to say hello to. One of the best workers I have ever had at my house. Thanks Pool Man. Thanks Will.
John ParceKeller Williams Realtor
Pools can be a pain in the butt. But it doesn’t have to be. Ben at the Pool Man of Key West goes above and beyond to make sure my pool is in tip top shape. Responsive, fast, and an all around great company. Highly recommended.
Landon Bradbary101.7 Pirate Radio DJ
Every time I've had an issue with my little spa, they've taken care of it quickly and for a price that I felt was very reasonable.
I'm very happy I found them!
Andy DoddsKey West Home Owner
Ben, The Pool Man, is extremely professional and his pool service is excellent! He does exactly what he says he will do, when he says he will do it. We do not live in our home full time, so his weekly “before and after” photos of our pool, are a perfect way to know his excellent service continues weekly.
Sam & Missy F.Key West Home Owner

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