Meet Danny the Pool Man of Key West

Dan and his wife Paulette bought an existing pool company in 2004, which was called “The Pool Man” and had approximately 90 accounts. The company had been run by a local resident, which used subcontractors and hired outside labor. They used unmarked vehicles, which looked totally unprofessional. Dan wanted to create a company that he could be proud of and decided to build the business by doing everything legal and by the laws of State of Florida.

Our employees are covered by workers compensation. The trucks are lettered and our licenses are displayed on them, as they are required to be by law. Dan is a contractor in the State of Florida and the company is capable of performing repairs, remodels and installation work.

There are considerable liabilities associated with the swimming pool industry, which is why his company holds complete liability coverage and is completely legitimate in every sense of the word. No home or business owner should ever be subjected to safety liability issues or complications because of unlicensed and illegal work. He decided to go about being in business the correct way and the result was a business that has grown in leaps and bounds.

Our customers are important to us.

Each of our technicians is certified as a Swimming Pool/Spa Certified Pool Operator . Each member of our team is proud of the work we do and the relationship we have with our customers. We value the golden rule, our prices will always be fair and we respond to you as quickly as possible. The pool and spa equipment we offer is both affordable and top quality.

We provide daily, weekly pool and spa maintenance. So sit back and enjoy a relaxing day in your pool and spa, we’ll take care of the rest.

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